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Photography Frenzy

Posted 03/11/2017 by Baxter Stein

Will Forrester's Photography 1 class explores the picturesque buildings of downtown Denver (Left to right: Hunter Wall, Clark Patterson, and Amanda Nesbit). photo by Baxter Stein​

Forrester’s Photo 1 class explores the variety of scenic locations that Downtown Denver has to offer.

On January 27th, 2017, students in William Forrester’s Photojournalism 1 class took a field trip to photograph a new environment. The class visited the new Colorado Judicial Building, as well as the Colorado State Capitol and the Denver Athletic Club, where they ended their trip. Students took pictures of the streets downtown, working their way from ground level shots to photos from the top of the capitol building.

The students left on the CTE bus, which was bought with a grant made possible by CTE Partnership Coordinator Danny Showers. Forrester noted, “It’s a great opportunity for students to see something that they don’t typically get to see, and to explore and photograph new environments.” Not only did he provide transportation, but Showers’ connections allowed for Forrester and his students to eat lunch at the Denver Athletic Club at a discounted price.

The CTE bus left TJ at the start of first period, leading off the day by transporting the students to the capitol building. The class then walked from the capitol building to the Ralph L. Carr Colorado Center, which replaced a nearly century-old judicial center a few years ago. The newly constructed edifice is elegant and imposing, with the columbine flower (the state flower of Colorado) displayed in mosaic tile at the front of the structure. The judicial building also has a learning center designed to educate people on the US judicial system. Sophomore Jon Emmanuel Serrano said, “It was an enlightening experience for me, and I was really glad that I was able to take photos there.” After an inside look at one of the courtrooms, the group rushed back to the capitol building for their 10:00 a.m. tour. Students were led all around the building, ending their tour on the viewing platform at the top of the capitol. Afterwards, the group visited the central branch of the Denver Public Library and took photos of the scenery around the Denver Art Museum. In total, the students spent around four hours taking pictures of and exploring downtown Denver.

After a morning of adventure, Showers picked up the students in the CTE bus to take them to lunch. They visited the Denver Athletic Club, and ate lunch at the buffet that is offered there. Showers took the opportunity to talk about goals and aspirations, encouraging students to be successful and live life how they wanted to live it. He then proceeded to take the group around the club, giving them a tour of the workout facilities and the bowling alley, as well as many other things that the club had to offer.

The field trip provided students with real world photography experience, giving them the tools they need to be professionals and the inspiration and motivation to accomplish their goals. At the end of the day, the students went home with a greater knowledge of photography as well as a plethora of stunning photographs.