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Ready, Set, Bid!

Posted 03/12/2018 by Amelia Carpenter

An online auction will provide money to positively impact TJ’s community. graphic courtesy of Megan Perkins

Thomas Jefferson High School holds its second annual online auction.

This year on March 11, the second annual TJ auction went live. This creative fundraiser will run through the 15th of March. The event was first introduced in 2017 by TJ parent Megan Perkins, who suggested that TJ should have an online auction because she was inspired by the auction held at Slavens Elementary School, where her children attended. She brought this idea to TJ in order to address some of the Spartan community’s  financial needs.

Bidders can find the auction on the TJ website and even on social media. “Everyone is welcome and encouraged to bid in the TJ Auction. This includes all current and past students and their families as well as neighbors and friends,” explained Perkins. Bidders will have the chance to buy items that have been donated specifically for the auction. Many of the items are also things that people could buy everyday, but through the auction, the money goes directly to TJ. This year, there are multiple new and exciting items up for bid, such as a “Prom Corner,” which is full of items that will help Spartans become prom-ready, as well as vacation offerings, spa packages, restaurant certificates, and more.

Throughout the duration of last year’s auction, TJ managed to acquire over $10,000, and  the goal for this year is to raise $20,000. The money earned from the auction will be used to help benefit the TJ community. “The money raised from the auction will have a direct and immediate benefit on the TJ staff and students by having funds available to help pay for classroom grants and much needed upgrades for improved working and learning environments,” described Perkins.

In order to make it a success, the auction still needs lots of assistance. Members of the TJ community who are interested in assisting in the auction can provide donations. Spartans can ask restaurants and other businesses for contributions by giving them a donation letter explaining what the auction is, which they can get from Perkins. The donations can be entered into the PTA pal auction management system and pledged items can be mailed directly to TJ. For more information on providing contributions, students and parents can contact Perkins via email at Although the auction is a new tradition at TJ, it has proven to be a fun and innovative way to benefit the school, and will continue to positively impact the TJ community.