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Rotary Interacts With Interact

Posted 03/16/2018 by Vasi Reiva

Marcia Malone and Tiera Carroll take on the role of Interact Club representatives. photo by: Andrew Villescas

Two new Denver Tech Center Rotary Club representatives join the TJ family.

As the new year kicked off, the Thomas Jefferson Interact Club welcomed two new Denver Tech Center (DTC) Rotary Club representatives to their active organization of young leaders. These representatives come from a global network of 1.2 million neighbors, friends, leaders, and problem-solvers who seek a world where people can unite and take action to create a lasting change in communities across the globe.

DTC Rotary Club Members Marcia Malone and Tiarra Carroll applied for the liaison position looking to become more active with one of Rotary’s most successful projects. They attend Interact meetings once a week at TJ, where they are able to share their past experiences with community projects and suggest new opportunities for Interact to consider.

Carroll, who has been waiting for this opportunity to make a difference in students’ lives, explained, “My goal is to show kids, regardless of background, that their current situation does not determine their destiny.” One of the things Carroll admires about the Rotary Club, and now the Interact Club, is that they don’t have to wait for an act of Congress to get things done. Carroll, along with Malone hopes to fill the position as confident, motivated, mentor for the students participating in Interact.

Malone is a second year DTC Rotary Club member who enjoys the position as Rotary representative simply because of her love for teenagers. Even though some adults are not fond of teenagers, Malone stated, “I quite enjoy this age.” Malone’s defiance for social expectations, displayed through her pink highlighted hair, are just the beginning of her unique personality. Malone hopes that she and Carroll will ensure good coverage of the club with their unique personalities and diverse background and skill sets.

While providing for individual differences, one of the key components to lending assistance at the student level is having common knowledge about the principles of both Rotary and Interact. Interact has been very fortunate to have had representatives like Malone and Carroll to pass on these principles in past years. Danny Showers, Interact’s Club Advisor, commented, “In my nineteen years as the advisor of Interact here at Thomas Jefferson High School, we have had outstanding Rotary representatives come to interact with our students. They were an outstanding selection of individuals to come to our school and be an asset to our dynamic program.” Showers concluded with a, “Thank you to Rotary for doing an excellent job of providing such incredible people to represent their club.”