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SAT Showtime

Posted 04/10/2017 by Andrew Seidenstat

Spartans gear up for another round of standardized tests. photo by Andrew Seidenstat

Sophomores and juniors have been preparing and are ready to take the PSAT and SAT tests.

On April 11th starting at 7:30 a.m., the junior class will take the SAT exam while the sophomore class will prepare for it by taking the PSAT. The tests will run into the early afternoon and include three sections: reading, writing, and math. On testing day, there will be no regular classes for freshmen and seniors.

Since the start of freshman year, current juniors have been preparing for the ACT exam, rather than the SAT exam. However, due to the school board’s decision to switch from the ACT to the SAT, teachers and students have had to switch gears to get fully prepared for the newly required test. English teacher Jason Sheehan said, “We had to just switch and find new material and change what we taught.” The teachers have prepared the students for the exam, and students are feeling confident about how they will perform. 

For sophomores, the PSAT test will be slightly different. It will be a good benchmark for what they can expect with the SAT, giving them an opportunity to focus on the areas on which they need to improve. The PSAT will run during the same time as the SAT, so the sophomores will get a sense of how the actual exam timing will go.

Assistant Principal Paula Hammel explained, “Due to all of the mock exams we’ve given, students have a sense about what to expect. The results should reflect their hard work and preparation.” Students will receive their scores within six to eight weeks after the testing date. Depending on their scores, students can think about the possibility of retaking the SAT to get a better score or signing up for the ACT. Junior Katie Schroeck stated, “I am nervous but prepared for the SAT because of all the practice tests I’ve taken at TJ.” Students hope for the best as the faculty cheers them on.