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Showcasing SpARTans

Posted 12/11/2018 by Amelia Carpenter

TJ's art students are excited to display their artwork in this semester's Art Show. photo by Ella Stephens

Thomas Jefferson’s annual Art Show highlights Spartan talent by providing a place to admire student artwork.

At Thomas Jefferson High School, students are commended for their academic, athletic, and artistic achievements. The TJ Art Show is one of the many ways in which creative students are able to display their talents. For seven years, the school has put together a show to celebrate and highlight the many student artists that attend TJ. The Art Show was first introduced by visual art teacher Leonard Fox to create a space for art students to share their work. The show is currently run by Fox and ceramics teacher Lacye Pannell.

This year, the show will take place on December 11-13. The event will occur during lunch and students are encouraged to show their support. On the 11th and 13th, there is also an opportunity for Spartan parents and other community members to view the art from 4:30-6:30 p.m..  The show will feature artwork from all students in the visual arts program and will exhibit ceramics projects as well as drawings. The work presented during the Art Show combines student examples from all of first semester and can encourage Spartans to get more involved in art. “When we have the Art Show students are allowed to see what other students are doing, so they’re able to be inspired by different levels. So, if a level one student sees what a level four senior thesis student is doing, then they might be inspired to go and continue on to other levels,” explained Pannell. The end of semester show is a way for Spartans to come and enjoy their peers’ art and also highlight the students who make these incredible creations.

Fox originally introduced the Art Show when he arrived at TJ in order to spotlight students’ artistic achievements. He wanted students to feel rewarded and have a place where their artwork could be seen by a larger audience. “There should be a showcase for all of the talent that comes through the classroom. It’s basically a way to show off,” described Fox. Student artists also benefit from the Art Show because they gain experience through the process. Students with art in the showcase have the unique opportunity to gain experience with art shows. The students have to prepare for the show by not only making their pieces during the semester, but also preparing to have their art on display. He hopes that the Spartans in the art department also gain experience by attending the show and having interactions and conversations with people about their art. “They gain the experience of having their work in public and interaction of public reception and perception of their work,” stated Fox.

With the event quickly approaching, the Spartan artists are excited to have their work on display. “I’m excited to have my work in the Art Show because it really shows how much I have improved since my first year in art,” mentioned junior Ceramics and Drawing student Aylin Guevara. The show is bound to have a huge audience, so students should make sure to stop by and families should mark their calendars for this impressive event. With all of the support from the show, TJ’s student artists should be proud of all of the great work they did throughout the first semester, and they will no doubt continue to create masterpieces in the following semester.