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Spartan Athletes Gear Up

Posted 09/19/2017 by Baxter Stein

The most important way to support TJ athletics is for students to pack the house with spirit. photo by Andrew Villescas

Another sports season is underway, and the Spartans prepare for success.

It’s still the beginning of the 2017-2018 school year, but already Spartan athletes are jumping straight back into the fall sports season. Sports are an essential element of TJ culture and its environment. Athletic Director Anne Rice pointed out, “Sports are a really important part of people’s experience in high school, and that in addition to drama, music, choir,  and all of those extra curricular activities is what makes high school fun. Anyone can go to class, but really getting involved is what makes your high school experience so memorable.”

This year’s fall sports consist of boys’ golf, boys’ soccer, tennis, softball, volleyball, cross country, football, and gymnastics, and TJ sports as a whole look promising this year. Rice is optimistic about this season, saying, “Our numbers are up, we have great coaches on staff, and we have a lot of really great kids. My goal is to get as many students involved in as many things as possible and so far we’re doing a really great job.” With a new freshman class in the mix, this semester could prove to be a strong showing for Spartan athletes.

The golf and soccer teams got an early start, kicking off their seasons before the beginning of the regular school year. In fact, boys’ golf participated in two tournaments before the first day of classes. Senior Jake Tracy has had a successful season this semester, saying, “Golf has been amazing and has been a valuable way to spend my time in the past few months.” Fall teams have already put up some impressive finishes so far, and the Spartan athletes who represent our school are just heating up.

There’s a lot to be excited about, and one of the best ways a Spartan can support their athletes is to go out to their games. As Rice explains, “I think it’s very important for us to show school pride and to show that we care for our fellow students – to show up and act silly and cheer each other on. That’s what makes TJ the best school in DPS and one of the best schools in the state; we have really great teams and we have amazing students who come out and support.”

Schedules for fall sports can be found here, or can be found in the 2017/2018 TJ planner. The fall sports season is in full gear, and this year looks promising for many of the teams involved. It’s crucial to come out to games this season and support the Spartan athletes.