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Springing into Spartan Spirit

Posted 04/20/2018 by Vasi Reiva

graphic by Andrew Villescas

A spring spirit week will showcase the Spartan spirit and honor spring athletes.

The Thomas Jefferson Leadership class will host yet another spirit week beginning on April 23rd with Workout Monday, where students and staff are given the opportunity to attempt to look like they followed through with their New Year’s resolutions. Workout Monday will be followed by Twin Tuesday, where students are, for once, encouraged to copy others. Beach Wednesday is a day where an excessive amount of applied sunscreen is accepted, while swimsuits aren’t. On Jersey Thursday, an individual’s true colors are exposed, and the infamous TJ Day is dedicated to brown and gold.  

This spirit week, we tried to come up with fun spirit days different from previous spirit weeks. Along with fun spirit days, we have fun activities planned for each day in order to get the spirit flowing within the TJ community,” stated sophomore Reece Dines. Students should stay tuned to the Spartan Edition for details. This spirit week will be different in more ways than one. Instead of having the traditional pep rally and annual talent show on Friday, April 27th, both will be held on Thursday, April 26th. Choir teacher Tambyr Reed held auditions for students interested in performing in the event. The Spartan community is looking forward to seeing what these talented students have to offer.

There is no question that the tradition of spirit week is a fun way to spotlight school pride. Spartans have worked hard all year, and are excited to participate in end-of-year events such as these to celebrate their accomplishments.