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Stay Tuned for Guitar Club

Posted 04/01/2017 by Kathryn Schroeck

TJ's Guitar Club is off to a great start and hopes to expand as new members join. photo by Mia Grijalva

Guitar Club is back and looking for new members.

Freshmen Bianca Escobar and Kaitlyn Fisher have brought Guitar Club back to TJ with assistance from their sponsor, Special Education English teacher Jenn Sonheim.  The club welcomes guitar players of all skill levels and encourages everyone to join. Guitar Club meets every Friday after school from 3 p.m. – 4 p.m. to discuss songs they would like to learn and practice sheet music, or tabs, they receive. They encourage members to bring their own guitars so they can jam and play together. Guitar club is very casual, and is a fun way to get involved with a TJ club.

Both Escobar and Fisher have experience playing guitar, Escobar playing for four years and Fisher playing for two, and they often create duets when the club meets. They are very open to beginner players joining the club, and are excited to teach others how to play the instrument. They also encourage expert guitar players to join the club and play along with them, and even to help them expand their skills.

Escobar and Fisher started the club out of their love for the guitar, and they hope to find other members that share this feeling. “We want more people involved, since there are more skilled players out there and we could learn off each other,” explained Escobar. Fisher additionally plays the ukulele and is eager to offer that if anyone would like to learn the ukulele, they are welcome to join the club.

Two years ago, Sonheim sponsored a Guitar Club at TJ containing a wide range of players with different skill levels, allowing members to learn from one another; hopes are high that the same will happen this year. When it came to finding the right sponsor for the club, Sonheim was asked to help due to her connection with her students and her background with guitar and music education.  “I started out as a music major in college, and I have a Bachelor’s degree in music education,” explained Sonheim, “I first learned classical guitar in high school and then played off-and-on through college. Then, my new adventure in teaching English to students with academic concerns took over, and guitar club was a way I could still use both degrees!

Guitar Club is still looking to expand, but hopes are high that more students will join and the club will continue to grow. Students looking to join Guitar Club should come to room 217 Fridays after school.