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Summer Sendoff

Posted 06/06/2016 by Jordan Prochnow

The 2016 Spartan graduates celebrate the end of a successful year. photo by Will Forrester

As the end of the year arrives, students embark on the journey towards an excellent summer.

Finals are over, the weather is warm, and the seniors have officially graduated. It is time for summer, and Spartans are embracing the season wholeheartedly.

As Spartans head into summer, it is time to say goodbye to Suzanne Morris-Sherer, who will be stepping down from her position as principal. “Although this is a difficult decision for me to make, I confidently leave our school knowing that the work we have done and the growth we have realized together will continue for years to come,” explained Sherer in an official statement. Current assistant principal and principal resident Mike Christoff will take the lead for the 2016-2017 school year, with the faculty and student body supporting him along the way. “It’s exciting (to be the new principal), and it offers some great experiences, with some new challenges,” stated Christoff.

The 2015-2016 school year marked a period of immense growth throughout the TJ community. Administration implemented College Level Examination Program testing, an optional test that helps students to receive college credits for their language skills. The school was also rated as a Top Performing and High Growth high school, displaying TJ’s superb values.

After a year of hard work, students should reward themselves by enjoying a fun, adventurous, and safe summer. “Since finals are over, it’s nice to have time off to relax and prepare for next school year,” said sophomore Lucy Peterson. “I’m looking forward to spending time with friends and having fun.” While students will have ample time for summer fun, it is important to remember that all teachers have assigned homework for their classes. To visit teacher Wikipages and find summer homework assignments, please click here.

Some important dates to remember for next school year are as follows:

Senior, Junior, and Sophomore Registration: August 8-10, 7-11 a.m., Noon-2 p.m.

Freshmen Registration: August 5, 7-11 a.m., Noon-2 p.m.

New Student Walk-in Registration: August 11, 7-11 a.m., 1-2 p.m. August 12, 8:30-11 a.m., 1-5 p.m.

First Day of School for Freshmen: August 22

All students return: August 23