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Author: Annie McAninch

An Example on and off the FieldPosted 05/16/2016 by Annie McAninch

Coach Wendell Smith made the TJ community proud by receiving the MBK25 Honoree.    Wendell Smith, one of TJ’s football coaches, scored his own achievement off the football field by being honored ... More

Shakespearean ShowcasePosted 04/28/2016 by Annie McAninch

The Denver Public Schools community has come together to perform Shakespeare plays for over 32 years. This year, over 5,000 students, teachers, and parents will perform and celebrate at the Shakespear... More

Don’t Stop BelievingPosted 03/14/2016 by Annie McAninch

Thanks to a local study, teenagers can get paid while reducing their acne. Many adolescents struggle with their everyday appearance, especially when an awkward zit pops up on their face.  A new facia... More

A Running Start to a New SeasonPosted 02/25/2016 by Annie McAninch

The track and field team is taking the extra step to make their season great. Thomas Jefferson High School’s track team has had memorable years in the past, but this year, the team has a most promis... More

New Team on the BlockPosted 12/17/2015 by Annie McAninch

The district’s newly created ice hockey team is sure to impress. Denver East High School and Thomas Jefferson High School’s newest winter sport has only been in existence for a year now, but m... More

Cheering in the Right DirectionPosted 10/30/2015 by Annie McAninch

New energy and leadership aims to increase school spirit. Some think that Thomas Jefferson High School has lost some school spirit in recent years; however, the new cheer coach and team are hoping to ... More

Two Girls, One PassionPosted 10/08/2015 by Annie McAninch

Volleyball shapes one life at a time at Thomas Jefferson. Juniors Amber Mosley and Junior Jaden Sandoval are impressive volleyball players who just recently transferred from George Washington High Sch... More