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Author: Christina Danek

The Top Ten Things I’ll Miss About High SchoolPosted 06/08/2008 by Christina Danek

by Christina Danek photo by Manuel Perez     I sat down to make a list, and then discuss in mild detail, the top ten things that I would miss about high school. But as I was writin... More

Castillo Bids Farewell to TJPosted 05/28/2008 by Christina Danek

Thomas Jefferson’s college advisor will offer her expertise to a new group of students next year. by Christina Danek     After one successful year advising TJ students on col... More

Putting Order in the CourtPosted 05/12/2008 by Christina Danek

A TJ junior and his mock trial teammates bring home a state trophy. by Christina Danek photo by Manuel Perez     Excitement and nerves ran high in a Ft. Collins courtroom on March ... More

Seven Days in MauiPosted 05/01/2008 by Christina Danek

TJ Student Participates in Reality Show by Christina Danek     An excursion to Hawaii held more in store for one TJ teen than just sunshine and surf.     From Januar... More

Sit and Knit ClubPosted 03/30/2008 by Christina Danek

TJ’s new knitting club is for beginners, experts, and everyone in between. by Christina Danek     The craft of knitting has experienced a widespread comeback in recent years ... More

New Scholarship WallPosted 03/10/2008 by Christina Danek

Who is going to pay for your college education? by Christina Danek photo by Manny Perez     College is overwhelmingly expensive, but don’t let the big numbers scare you away ... More

Somewhere Over the RainbowPosted 03/09/2008 by Christina Danek

One Missouri camp offered a life-changing experience to this TJ Spartan. by Christina Danek      TJ Junior Andrew Briss went to St. Louis last summer seeking volunteer hours for hi... More

A Man Outstanding in His FieldPosted 03/06/2008 by Christina Danek

Gordon Heaton carries lessons from his childhood on a farm to his teaching. by Christina Danek     While growing up on a farm in rural Illinois, Gordon Heaton never imagined that he wou... More

Inventors with IngenuityPosted 02/27/2008 by Christina Danek

From peanut butter to the player piano, these black Americans from history have made a difference. by Christina Danek     In celebration of Black History Month, here is a look at s... More

Normal Calendar for 2008-2009Posted 02/10/2008 by Christina Danek

No late start for Denver Public Schools next year. by Christina Danek     In a 5-2 vote taken the evening of January 25th, the Denver Public Schools Board of Education approved the... More