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Author: Lauren Abrams

Special Education Artwork Adds To TJ's AmbiancePosted 05/24/2010 by Lauren Abrams

Mollie Pitrone and the Special Ed gang came together to leave their legacy on TJ’s walls.... More

TJ Student Wins Outstanding Junior AwardPosted 05/21/2010 by Lauren Abrams

DeGregori takes home prestigious award and $1000 towards his college education.... More

TJ Knits for the War EffortPosted 05/07/2010 by Lauren Abrams

Thomas Jefferson’s knitting possé comes together to make hats for the troops.... More

The Ultimate Prom Survival GuidePosted 04/21/2010 by Lauren Abrams

Your perfect go-to guide for making prom a night to remember.... More

The Real Mrs. TJPosted 03/23/2010 by Lauren Abrams

Kathy Wells returns for her 12th year organizing the traditional Mr. TJ pageant.... More

TJ Lends a Hand to HaitiPosted 03/21/2010 by Lauren Abrams

Spartan Interact Club holds fundraiser to raise money for the recovery effort in Haiti.... More

CU Succeeds At TJPosted 02/11/2010 by Lauren Abrams

MSCD Professor brings college atmosphere with him to TJ.... More

Love and HeartbreakPosted 02/01/2010 by Lauren Abrams

John Mayer’s 4th album Battle Studies marks uncharted territory for the artist.... More

Time To Break Away From Teenage StereotypesPosted 01/29/2010 by Lauren Abrams

With 2010 now at hand, opportunities to stay away from teenage drinking and irresponsibility have come back to the surface.... More

Meet The Special Ed StaffPosted 01/28/2010 by Lauren Abrams

The staff of the special education department gives their thoughts on the program.... More