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Author: Maia Freedberg

Welcoming the WorldPosted 05/21/2018 by Maia Freedberg

Foreign exchange students from around the world come to TJ. Thomas Jefferson High School enrolls foreign exchange students every year. This year, the school hosted six exchange students from all aroun... More

Girls’ Soccer Kicked off a Great SeasonPosted 05/18/2018 by Maia Freedberg

TJ’s girls’ soccer team had a wonderful and exciting season. Like all spring sports at Thomas Jefferson High School, girls’ soccer had an impressive 2018 season. The team completed the regular s... More

A Night Fit for Kings and QueensPosted 05/18/2018 by Maia Freedberg

The class of 2018 enjoyed a lovely night at prom and after prom. Spring is finally upon us, and with the season comes high school prom. Prom comes and goes every year, and it is one of the most exciti... More

The Stones are Rollin’Posted 05/15/2018 by Maia Freedberg

The Rolling Stones are known as “the best Rock ‘n’ Roll band of all time” for a reason. For those who do not know, the Rolling Stones are arguably the most iconic boy band of all time. Trust m... More

Spartan Swimmers and Divers Take StatePosted 04/23/2018 by Maia Freedberg

TJ makes a big splash at the State Swim and Dive Championships. The Thomas Jefferson Girls’ Swim and Dive team finished an extremely successful season, with a third place finish at the DPS League Ch... More

She’s Our Pal-ekPosted 12/19/2017 by Maia Freedberg

Lauren Palek is an important part of the Spartan community. TJ has been blessed with an outstanding staff. Lauren Palek stands out amongst her peers and is an asset to the English department at Thomas... More

Spartans Spring Into StatePosted 12/11/2017 by Maia Freedberg

TJ’s Girls’ Gymnastics Team had a successful season, breaking their record score and sending multiple girls to compete at state. The Thomas Jefferson Girls’ Gymnastics team had a fantast... More

A Bank of OpportunitiesPosted 12/11/2017 by Maia Freedberg

Thomas Jefferson High School makes sure each student is cared for through the Food Bank Program. The Spartan community is fortunate enough to be able to take care of each other in a number of ways thr... More