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Author: Nicholas Neuhalfen

A New Year in YearbookPosted 12/10/2021 by Nicholas Neuhalfen

One of Thomas Jefferson High School’s most looked forward to traditions is the annual yearbook, but what goes on behind the scenes? For nearly every student, the 2021-2022 school year will be the fi... More

Facebook FiascoPosted 11/18/2021 by Nicholas Neuhalfen

Since its origin in 2006, Facebook has ruled the social media sphere, however, this success has not come without controversy and some unintended consequences. It has long been known that Facebook and ... More

The New, New NormalPosted 11/09/2021 by Nicholas Neuhalfen

Under the hardships of online school, many of us were forced into developing a new routine, and yet again students are struggling to readjust to their once normal routine. For many of us, quarantine a... More

Vaccination RegulationsPosted 10/28/2021 by Nicholas Neuhalfen

As the world recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic, new conditions regarding vaccination requirements come with it. For the first time in over a year and a half, normality is on the horizon; however, th... More

Crisis at the BorderPosted 05/10/2021 by Nicholas Neuhalfen

Last month the U.S saw more immigrants crossing the U.S-Mexico border than any month before, but what is behind this border surge, and should it be considered a “crisis”? The United States has alw... More

Man on the Moon: The Trilogy ContinuesPosted 04/15/2021 by Nicholas Neuhalfen

On December 11th, 2020, Kid Cudi released his long-awaited Man on the Moon III, which cemented the artist’s trilogy of albums as one of music’s greatest and most influential of all time.  On Dece... More

California COVID CatastrophePosted 02/25/2021 by Nicholas Neuhalfen

Since the start of the pandemic, one in every twelve Californians have tested positive for COVID-19, and although cases have been at a steady decline, California is a prime example of how catastrophic... More

Yams Day 2021Posted 02/08/2021 by Nicholas Neuhalfen

To honor the passing of A$AP Yams, A$AP Rocky and the whole A$AP collective put together a virtual award show like no other. When most people hear the word A$AP, which stands for Always Striving And P... More

The Magnificent Mrs. MicklerPosted 12/11/2020 by Nicholas Neuhalfen

Candace Mickler is a small business owner, a mother of two, and TJ’s newest Special Education science teacher.  Growing up in a small town in western Nebraska, Candace Mickler—one of TJ’s lates... More

America’s Lesser-Known Pandemic: VapingPosted 12/08/2020 by Nicholas Neuhalfen

As the world continues to combat the Coronavirus pandemic, another pandemic known as the “vaping pandemic” continues to grow. For the past few months, TVs have been flooded with political ads rega... More