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Author: Sean Gonzalez

Wanna Slice?Posted 05/26/2011 by Sean Gonzalez

Pizza has been around for a long time, and now Slices opens up with its fresh taste and drive-through services.... More

Business In The Front, Party In The BackPosted 05/10/2011 by Sean Gonzalez

It has been a long time since the mullet has been a hair-do, and kids at TJ are trying to bring it back.... More

An Epic Night of MusicPosted 05/09/2011 by Sean Gonzalez

Protest The Hero, along with guests Tesseract and Maylene, explode through Denver’s Marquis Theatre.... More

Scurrilous: Spreading Scandolous ClaimsPosted 04/19/2011 by Sean Gonzalez

The new album boasts explosive music with vivid belts of vocals.... More

Pandora: The Giant Box of Demon MusicPosted 04/08/2011 by Sean Gonzalez

Pandora is a new technological advancement for users in America that allows them to listen to music for free.... More

Sean’s Music PlaylistsPosted 03/22/2011 by Sean Gonzalez

A look into the music I listen to for certain events and when I am in certain moods.... More

Pizzaria De Pasquini’sPosted 03/21/2011 by Sean Gonzalez

The Italian restaurant offers well-made Italian food, with an irregular balance of garlic and a friendly pool table.... More

C'est La Vie: "That's Life"Posted 02/22/2011 by Sean Gonzalez

Protest The Hero’s new single C’est La Vie is full of grooves, explosions, and harmonious melodies giving its fans a small glimpse of its upcoming album.... More

Black History MonthPosted 02/18/2011 by Sean Gonzalez

Important figures in history are celebrated during the month of February for their work in preserving the culture of African-Americans.... More

What's Mine Is YoursPosted 02/07/2011 by Sean Gonzalez

Inspirational and emotional, the new album by the Cold War Kids is average but keeps the music industry interesting with the addition of industrial sounds.... More