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Author: Sinjin Jones

California, Here He ComesPosted 05/27/2008 by Sinjin Jones

Teacher Nathan Silver leaves TJ to join wife in California. by Sinjin Jones photo by Manuel Perez      As many around the halls are privy to, six-year TJ English Teacher Nathan Sil... More

The Terrible Secrets of the Forbidden KingdomPosted 05/04/2008 by Sinjin Jones

Predictable but still entertaining. by Sinjin Jones      Jackie Chan and Jet Li are amazing martial artists; we all know that. However, as the credits rolled on Forbidden Kingdom, ... More

Sci-Fi Juggernauts: A Clockwork OrangePosted 04/28/2008 by Sinjin Jones

A horrowshow veshch about some chepooka. by Sinjin Jones There are dozens of classic novels that fall under the category of “must-read” science fiction. Throughout this year, I will examin... More

Choreographing ChicagoPosted 03/14/2008 by Sinjin Jones

A look at the choreography of TJ Drama’s blockbuster production, Chicago. by Sinjin Jones photo by Manuel Perez      Turn, lift, jazz, square, Charleston, grapevine, jump, an... More

Building ChicagoPosted 03/04/2008 by Sinjin Jones

A look at the technical aspect of TJ Drama’s upcoming production, Chicago. by Sinjin Jones      A number of dynamics go into creating a successful stage musical: tech, music,... More

Fantasy Fliers: Lord of the RingsPosted 03/03/2008 by Sinjin Jones

The popularity and importance of this classic novel is reviewed. by Sinjin Jones Predating science fiction writing by centuries, the fable genre is literature that has long been adored by millions. It... More