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The Spartan Edition 10-26-21Posted 10/28/2021 by SE Producer

Enjoy them while they last…catch another “Dark & Stormy Night” on today’s Spartan Edition.... More

The Spartan Edition 10-25-21Posted 10/25/2021 by SE Producer

Start the week off the right way…watch the Spartan Edition!... More

The Spartan Edition 10-22-21Posted 10/25/2021 by SE Producer

Its BAAAACK. Enjoy our first “Dark & Stormy” of year in today’s show.... More

The Spartan Edition 10-21-21Posted 10/25/2021 by SE Producer

Its the 21st day of the month, in the year 2021. We are not saying that means anything…just watch the show!... More

The Spartan Edition 10-20-21Posted 10/20/2021 by SE Producer

You cannot make it through your day without us, so watch today’s show!... More

The Spartan Edition 10-19-21Posted 10/20/2021 by SE Producer

What a great long weekend, but we are back!... More

The Spartan Edition 10-12-21Posted 10/12/2021 by SE Producer

This is our last show for the week due to testing. Will you make it without us for six whole days?... More

The Spartan Edition 10-11-21Posted 10/12/2021 by SE Producer

It is a unique week here at TJ. Watch the show to stay in the know!... More

The Spartan Edition 10-8-21Posted 10/08/2021 by SE Producer

It is another Friday, and another segment from Jack-son. Trust us….you want to see this.... More

The Spartan Edition 10-7-21Posted 10/07/2021 by SE Producer

There is SOOOO much going on. Seriously, you need to watch this show!... More