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Author: Vasi Reiva

The New Breed of Spartan WrestlingPosted 05/11/2018 by Vasi Reiva

Spartan Wrestlers work hard to improve in the new season. This season wasn’t just any other season for the TJ wrestling team. They were prepared to take on the 2017-2018 season, which began in N... More

CooloradoPosted 04/26/2018 by Vasi Reiva

The top spot in the U.S News’ “Best Place to Live” belongs to Denver, Colorado. Many Coloradans are miffed by the recent plunge to second place in the U.S. News’ “Best Place to Live” ranki... More

Springing into Spartan SpiritPosted 04/20/2018 by Vasi Reiva

A spring spirit week will showcase the Spartan spirit and honor spring athletes. The Thomas Jefferson Leadership class will host yet another spirit week beginning on April 23rd with Workout Monday, wh... More

Rotary Interacts With InteractPosted 03/16/2018 by Vasi Reiva

Two new Denver Tech Center Rotary Club representatives join the TJ family. As the new year kicked off, the Thomas Jefferson Interact Club welcomed two new Denver Tech Center (DTC) Rotary Club represen... More