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Author: AJ Domagala

Chia PetPosted 05/20/2019 by AJ Domagala

From home-grown fun to disastrous disgrace. From the first day humans emerged from their evolutionary dwellings, they have had one job: procreation. This generation of life is not to be taken lightly.... More

Batter Up!Posted 03/11/2019 by AJ Domagala

A brief look into what the upcoming TJ baseball roster will look like. As the first varsity game creeps closer and closer, baseball fans can expect to see some high performing players return as well a... More

Allstate All-StarsPosted 02/28/2019 by AJ Domagala

Thomas Jefferson’s choral aptitude is recognized at the state level. Thomas Jefferson’s choir department sent three seniors, Samuel Chappell, Madeleine Abram, and Nicholas VanWagner to the Col... More

Culinary SymphonyPosted 12/18/2018 by AJ Domagala

A five layer analysis on one of Italy’s most famous dishes Layer One: Lasagna History Contrary to popular belief, the classic Italian dish known today as lasagna did not directly originate from Ital... More

Poole PersonalityPosted 12/18/2018 by AJ Domagala

In an attempt to match the wit and sarcasm of this article’s subject, the reporter will take an unconventional approach to writing the article. After a year shrouded in mysterious work, former a... More

Choral CarolersPosted 12/14/2018 by AJ Domagala

Spartans spread holiday cheer and choral talent. TJ’s choirs have worked extremely hard this semester, putting on a performance in the fall as well as a more recent holiday concert. The two shows we... More