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Author: AJ Domagala

Culinary SymphonyPosted 12/18/2018 by AJ Domagala

A five layer analysis on one of Italy’s most famous dishes Layer One: Lasagna History Contrary to popular belief, the classic Italian dish known today as lasagna did not directly originate from Ital... More

Poole PersonalityPosted 12/18/2018 by AJ Domagala

In an attempt to match the wit and sarcasm of this article’s subject, the reporter will take an unconventional approach to writing the article. After a year shrouded in mysterious work, former a... More

Choral CarolersPosted 12/14/2018 by AJ Domagala

Spartans spread holiday cheer and choral talent. TJ’s choirs have worked extremely hard this semester, putting on a performance in the fall as well as a more recent holiday concert. The two shows we... More