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Author: Olivia Oss

Black History MonthPosted 03/03/2021 by Olivia Oss

After several months of social media, news, and political coverage on the Black Lives Matter movement, Black History Month has more attention than ever.   The curricula in schools that cover Black H... More

The Show Must Go OnPosted 12/03/2020 by Olivia Oss

The remote classroom is a learning curve for everyone, especially for teachers who instruct classes that are more on the interactive side.  Many teachers are struggling to teach their classes over th... More

Plugged in to Meet and CompetePosted 11/20/2020 by Olivia Oss

Clubs and other school funded organizations across the U.S. are learning to adapt to survive in the remote world.  Although not every school district in the United States is learning virtually, most ... More

Competing with the CoronavirusPosted 11/18/2020 by Olivia Oss

Sports are trying to return to competitions as society struggles to regain a sense of normalcy during a time of turmoil.  Sports seasons everywhere, whether professional, collegiate, high school, or ... More

A Pandemic’s Toll on Our Mental HealthPosted 11/03/2020 by Olivia Oss

Everyone is affected by mental health in one way or another, and we seem to overlook the toll this pandemic has had on all of us. Nearly one in five adults from the United States lives with a mental i... More