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Environmental Hope Within the ChaosPosted 10/28/2020 by Roxanne Wilkerson

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in both positive and negative environmental changes. The pandemic has caused everyone’s lives to take a drastic turn.  The... More

State to State SafetyPosted 10/28/2020 by Madelyn Staples

Neighboring states Colorado and Wyoming have taken opposite approaches when it comes to taking safety precautions seriously. Residents of Colorado have been showing their concerns for the safety of th... More

Denver Gives Pit Bulls A ChancePosted 10/27/2020 by Roxanne Wilkerson

A repeal of Denver’s breed-specific law banning pit bulls is likely to be on the November ballot this year. The City and County of Denver established a pit bull ban in 1989 after two pit bull attack... More

Connection Without Infection: The Struggles of Starting High School in a PandemicPosted 10/26/2020 by Georgia Hartley

The class of 2024 is experiencing a very different beginning to their high school career.  The beginning of high school is an exciting yet intimidating time for any freshman. They are surrounded by n... More
TJ Journal Feature

Release Party For One

Posted 10/28/2020 by Sara Medina

How one local artist created and released an EP, during a global pandemic.  Traditionally, new music would be released on a Friday, followed by a series of pro... More
TJ Journal Feature

Molding TJ Ceramics

Posted 10/26/2020 by Tess Ware

The TJ community welcomes a new ceramics teacher during this unfamiliar time.  At the start of the 2020-2021 school year, Thomas Jefferson added some new teach... More
Spartan Edition

The Spartan Edition 10-29-20

Posted 10/29/2020 by SE Producer

Our last show of October!... More

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