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Author: Ben Abram

Gambling on the GrammysPosted 05/13/2021 by Ben Abram

With a large variety of popular music being released in the upcoming year, the Grammy nominations for 2022 prove to be more competitive than ever.  With more than 80 categories and eight nominees per... More

Hungry to Help OthersPosted 04/21/2021 by Ben Abram

SkillsUSA officers at Thomas Jefferson High School volunteered on March 1st to create bagged lunches for women in homeless shelters in Denver TJ’s SkillsUSA chapter has not taken this unique year of... More

Monolith MayhemPosted 02/05/2021 by Ben Abram

The mysterious appearances of metallic, triangular prismatic shaped monoliths have been reported internationally, sparking a nerve-racking ending to 2020. In a year filled with petrifying surprises, i... More

Spartan UniversityPosted 12/10/2020 by Ben Abram

Since current freshmen in colleges throughout the nation are having unique post-secondary experiences, TJ Alumni make a vocal return to give advice to incoming college freshmen. The high school gradua... More

The Application to a New WorldPosted 11/16/2020 by Ben Abram

Applying to colleges has always been a challenging endeavor, but this year, to continue the theme of 2020, it has become a lot more complicated. If you were to ask any individual who graduated from hi... More

An Unconventional ConventionPosted 10/30/2020 by Ben Abram

The seven CTSOs in Colorado, including two from TJ, participated in a virtual convention to kick off their programs of work for the upcoming year. Given that the year 2020 has been far from convention... More

Kickin’ it OverseasPosted 05/22/2020 by Ben Abram

TJ Student athlete, Lauren Reid, showcased her soccer skills as a part of the Jamaican national team in a tournament in the Dominican Republic. Lauren Reid, a junior at TJ, has been playing competitiv... More

Testing RemotelyPosted 05/20/2020 by Ben Abram

Due to the impact of COVID-19, AP Testing is currently taking place at home in a form that has never been done before. The year of 2020 has been met with significant setbacks, however, every person wh... More

Forecasting Our FuturesPosted 03/13/2020 by Ben Abram

35 students from TJ joined thousands from Colorado at the Broadmoor Hotel for a competition to remember. The four days (February 22-25) spent in Colorado Springs for DECA State competitors were met wi... More

Fake NewsPosted 02/12/2020 by Ben Abram

Fake texts circulating the community brought fear to many Americans that they would be drafted in a potential war. The new decade has been off to an eventful start, particularly with foreign affairs. ... More