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Author: Ben Morlan

Hi there! My name is Ben Morlan, I'm a writer for the TJ Journal. I write about current events, technology, and things happening in our TJ community. Check out my articles to learn a little more about the world around us. Have a good day!

Gamer’s HavenPosted 05/03/2022 by Ben Morlan

Thomas Jefferson High School’s gaming club brings together gamers of all backgrounds. Walking into the robotics room on Fridays after school, one is met with the sight of people sitting at row-align... More

Solitary Social MediaPosted 03/14/2022 by Ben Morlan

Social media, designed to bring us together, is pushing us apart. In February of 2020, self-proclaimed “internet crusader” and youth advocate, Colin Kartchner, came to speak to Thomas Jefferson Hi... More

Crypto-ConundrumPosted 02/16/2022 by Ben Morlan

Cryptocurrency is on the rise around the world. Cryptocurrency is a digital and peer-to-peer based form of money used for online transactions. It started in 2009 with Bitcoin which emerged from the gl... More

Backed Up for MilesPosted 01/18/2022 by Ben Morlan

On January 3rd, 2022, a major snowstorm left hundreds of drivers trapped on I-95 near Fredericksburg, Virginia, for over 24 hours. Commuters traveling on Interstate 95 on Monday, January 3rd, were sud... More

The History Behind the Holiday SeasonPosted 12/09/2021 by Ben Morlan

Why do we have so many festivities at the end of the calendar year? In the United States, the “Holiday Season” is generally considered to begin in late November, the day after Thanksgiving, and en... More

The Doors are Open to Polynesian ClubPosted 11/15/2021 by Ben Morlan

The newly-formed club hopes to bring Polynesian students together in a safe place where they are free to express their culture and identity. Thomas Jefferson High School is renowned as one of the most... More

Advisement in the New YearPosted 10/19/2021 by Ben Morlan

TJ is now offering more academic, social/emotional, and future planning support with the revamped Advisement class. When students got their class schedules on their first day of school, they probably ... More

Chromebooks For AllPosted 09/28/2021 by Ben Morlan

Denver Public Schools recently obtained funding to provide every student with their own device to facilitate learning both in the classroom and at home. In November of 2020, Denver taxpayers voted on ... More