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Author: Maria Goergen

“Service Above Self”Posted 05/10/2023 by Maria Goergen

Interact Club continues its legacy of community service. The mission of Interact Club is to provide “service above self.” Its vision statement is: “Together, we see a world where people unite an... More

Pay-As-You-ThrowPosted 05/10/2023 by Maria Goergen

Denver has a new plan for waste management, which involves residents paying for trash collection. In January of 2023, the City of Denver introduced a new policy for waste management. The initiative in... More

Society SolutionsPosted 04/10/2023 by Maria Goergen

The National Honors Society has participated in several events and has new plans for the club. The community organization National Honor Society (NHS) allows high school students to lead a life of ser... More

Roadway ReconciliationPosted 03/16/2023 by Maria Goergen

Annoyed about that new speeding ticket? It’s not your fault, and here’s why.  As you are driving, a blinding flash stunts your vision momentarily. You experience a horrifying realization that a s... More

Back in SwingPosted 05/10/2022 by Maria Goergen

The Thomas Jefferson Girls’ tennis team is stronger than ever, and plans to go to state. The first year back from COVID-19 for girls’ tennis has cultivated success because of the overall positive ... More

Rewriting the Path to CollegePosted 05/09/2022 by Maria Goergen

Independent college studies prepare students for college. With colleges getting more and more competitive every year, Advanced Placement (AP) exams and extracurriculars are a must for a college resume... More

Springing Back Into ActionPosted 02/23/2022 by Maria Goergen

Thomas Jefferson Spartans are holding auditions for the Spring Musical showcase. The Spring Musical is here again, and is taking on a new twist. The format will be a musical theater showcase with thre... More

The Simple Cell SolutionPosted 02/16/2022 by Maria Goergen

TJ implements a new phone policy in response to TJ instagram accounts. A new semester brings new challenges and changes with the new phone policy that Thomas Jefferson High School has implemented. Som... More

COVID-19 Isn’t the Only EpidemicPosted 12/08/2021 by Maria Goergen

What are allergies and will there be a cure for them? More and more people are affected by allergies annually. In 1960, 3% of the population had allergies compared to around 7% in 2018, according to B... More

Unlocking New Possibilities Posted 11/18/2021 by Maria Goergen

An insight on tools and exhibits featured in Meow Wolf Denver Meow Wolf is an entertainment company with a mission statement that they create, “immersive, maximalist environments that encourage audi... More