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Author: Noah Mintz

Rams Taking ChargePosted 04/23/2019 by Noah Mintz

Coach Mike Rhodes continues to emphasize the importance of academics in college basketball. Basketball has always been an enormous part of my family’s life. I honestly can’t imagine where I would ... More

The Stars are out in CharlottePosted 04/23/2019 by Noah Mintz

Although the 2019 NBA All-Star weekend was a complete tank in terms of viewers, it was still filled with surprises. The new faces and exciting events in this year’s All-Star Weekend allowed for ... More

The Maddest March of AllPosted 04/15/2019 by Noah Mintz

Now that March Madness has come to an end, it’s time to rank each teams performance. 1 Duke Tournament Rating: C- Heading into this year’s tournament, Duke was the fan favorite by a landsl... More

Environmental ActivistsPosted 12/12/2018 by Noah Mintz

Thomas Jefferson students are finally taking the leap into a more sustainable lifestyle. ‘Under our country’s current administration, environmental sustainability is not of great concern. This... More

BBB: Big Basketball BreakdownPosted 12/06/2018 by Noah Mintz

An exciting NBA off-season leaves much to discuss regarding the future the league and its many outstanding athletes. The landscape of the NBA has changed tremendously over this year’s off-season. Si... More