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Author: Tess Ware

Powder ParadisePosted 02/24/2020 by Tess Ware

Snow-body can resist these slopes. Skiing became popular back in the 1800s, when people would ski for recreational activity in snow-covered regions. Norway, who invented skiing, used it first for hunt... More

Me Llamo Señora TrimarchiPosted 12/09/2019 by Tess Ware

A great new Spanish teacher, Mrs. Trimarchi,  was welcomed into the TJ Community this year.  Teaching at a new school is never easy, but for Jamie Trimarchi, becoming a TJ Spartan is just another ad... More

 Secret Life of a Redhead Posted 10/24/2019 by Tess Ware

A dying breed is always the most superior. Many people ask me what it’s like to be a redhead and while it’s pretty normal to me, others believe it’s an outrageous thought. Less than two percent ... More

A Tough Powder PuffPosted 10/08/2019 by Tess Ware

TJ junior and senior girls play in the annual powder puff game. The Thomas Jefferson High School homecoming powder puff tradition continued as the junior and senior girls took on a competitive game of... More