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Glued to HoldFast Posted 03/04/2022 by Shana Saint-Phard

A Colorado band is taking the state by storm.   Through perseverance and pure resilience, many people have made the best of their situations throughout the pandemic. For some, music was a way to cope... More

Becoming The NewsettePosted 03/03/2022 by Juanita Hurtado

The homemade newsletter that turned into a multi-million dollar company. On New Year’s Day in 2015, Daniella Pierson founded The Newsette, a newsletter aimed to inspire women all over the world and ... More

The Myth of Black ExcellencePosted 03/01/2022 by Shana Saint-Phard

How have different perceptions of black excellence affected the black community? The phrase “black excellence” appears to the masses as a simple form of praise. “Black excellence” has been see... More

The Invisible KillerPosted 02/27/2022 by Jessica Nesbit

Ghost guns are becoming an increasingly common problem across the nation. Throughout the United States, police stations are noticing an influx of firearms lacking serial numbers. The Gun Control Act o... More

Neymar Jr: The Perfect Chaos ReviewPosted 02/23/2022 by Adam McPherson

What can soccer fans gather from the newly released Neymar Jr. documentary? Well for one, nothing and everything is as it seems.Netflix made way for yet another great sports story. In its introduction... More

Springing Back Into ActionPosted 02/23/2022 by Maria Goergen

Thomas Jefferson Spartans are holding auditions for the Spring Musical showcase. The Spring Musical is here again, and is taking on a new twist. The format will be a musical theater showcase with thre... More

Action on ScreenPosted 02/23/2022 by Kira Kennedy

The new movie of the Kingsman series is now in theaters! On December 22, 2021, the new movie The King’s Man was released; two weeks later, my family and I went to see it in the theaters. I walked in... More

Remarkable Return to HogwartsPosted 02/23/2022 by Lauren Maggio

The cast of Harry Potter reunited at Hogwarts to celebrate 20 years since the first movie premiered. Twenty years ago, the magical world of Harry Potter was brought to life when the first book, Harry ... More

5 StagesPosted 02/23/2022 by McKenzy Perkins

Despite everyone having their own unique form of expression, grief surges through every person because it is an unavoidable piece of life.  I hide in a glasshouse,  Behind glass doors, behind everyo... More

To Beat or Not To BeatPosted 02/16/2022 by Sara Medina

Poets and rappers find themselves in an everlasting debate to see where they fit in with each other.  Over the past centuries and decades, poets and literary scholars have had an internal struggle in... More