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Nine Letter Word For Love?Posted 11/11/2021 by Jessica Nesbit

The crossword puzzle has a long and complex history of entertaining the world.  Crossword puzzles are more than just filling in blank squares and hoping for the best. They can be incredibly complex w... More

Downfalls of Employee ShortagesPosted 11/11/2021 by Caitlin Quinney

Employee shortages have become a great problem for small businesses due to the pandemic.  Since our country began recovering from the deranged pandemic, employers complain that people are not returni... More

The New, New NormalPosted 11/09/2021 by Nicholas Neuhalfen

Under the hardships of online school, many of us were forced into developing a new routine, and yet again students are struggling to readjust to their once normal routine. For many of us, quarantine a... More

Squid Game SkyrocketsPosted 11/09/2021 by Olivia Oss

The new Netflix original series, Squid Game, is taking the world by storm with its chilling message on the human experience. *Note: spoilers ahead!* Netflix is no stranger to producing shows with deep... More

It’s Time to Give Back to the CommunityPosted 11/01/2021 by Kira Kennedy

A Little Help is a nonprofit trying to make little differences person by person. Volunteering is an important part of many communities and can bring people together, no matter their background. There ... More

Welcome to the (Not So) Final ShowPosted 10/28/2021 by Sara Medina

As venues open up, live music makes an astounding return.  The screams that flooded the 675,000 square foot arena in Denver, Colorado, on September 7th will forever ring in the hearts of every person... More

Guidance in SciencePosted 10/25/2021 by Deqa Muse

Laura Ruelas’ journey to teaching came full circle as she became what inspired her to learn: a teacher.  For most teenagers, anything remotely related to school is in the back of their minds, and ... More

Music with MallaneyPosted 10/25/2021 by David Lopez-Vences

A new program has students becoming acquainted with everything audio.  Over the years TJ has offered many different pathways for students. With an already diverse selection of classes, there is a fit... More

Inadequate IntersectionalityPosted 10/18/2021 by Eleanor Benson

It is necessary to focus on intersectionality, sexuality awareness, and open discussions in LGBTQ+ safe spaces. When it comes to marginalized groups, it has become increasingly important to focus on i... More

A Change Within HPPosted 10/18/2021 by McKenzy Perkins

In a competitive environment, JROTC’s Honor Platoon Learns to Adapt to Covid-19 Changes.  During the past few years, the experience of being on Thomas Jefferson High School’s JROTC’s Honor Plat... More