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Author: Lucy Adlen

TJ Steps Up to the PlatePosted 04/29/2022 by Lucy Adlen

Baseball season is back, and the Thomas Jefferson players are back on the mound! The sun is out, the birds are chirping, and Thomas Jefferson High School Baseball is in full swing! Almost halfway thro... More

Feeling the AngerPosted 03/21/2022 by Lucy Adlen

For years, I have constantly heard everyone – from my coworkers to my family members and my closest friends – tell me that they have never seen me angry. As a young girl, I felt like being angry w... More

The Demolished Kingdom of TongaPosted 02/03/2022 by Lucy Adlen

A historic eruption of an underwater volcano has left the Kingdom of Tonga in shambles, leaving the community in an attempt to rebuild.  The Kingdom of Tonga is a small island located in Oceania and ... More

365 Days of BidenPosted 01/27/2022 by Lucy Adlen

Biden’s first year in office started with a global pandemic, a capitol insurrection, and a divided nation. The year 2021 began with quite a frenzied, unforgettable bang. On January 1st, as the world... More

She Kills Monsters Takes Over the StagePosted 01/20/2022 by Lucy Adlen

Thomas Jefferson High School’s Theater Department is ready for the opening night of their production, She Kills Monsters.  After being out of commission for a year and a half, TJ Theater is finally... More

We’re Burning RedPosted 12/03/2021 by Lucy Adlen

Taylor Swift released her album, Red (Taylor’s Version), and everything has changed.  On November 12, 2021, Taylor Swift re-released her album, previously written in 2012, Red (Taylor’s Version).... More

The Missing White WomanPosted 10/21/2021 by Lucy Adlen

The news of Gabby Petito’s disappearance has taken the media by storm, creating mass controversy.   Any avid social media user has most likely heard the name “Gabby Petito.” Petito has gripped... More

TJ is MeltingPosted 10/05/2021 by Lucy Adlen

A rundown of the important decisions that went into calling TJ’s first heat day and the possibility of future ones. On September 9th and 10th, about a dozen Denver Public Schools closed early or... More