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Author: Avery LoJacono

Hustle, Hit, and Never QuitPosted 04/10/2020 by Avery LoJacono

TJ’s girls’ basketball team talks about their court visions for next year’s season.  The girl’s basketball team is no stranger to hard work, the team plays with incredible chemistry t... More

(Butter)Flyin’ Through StatePosted 03/13/2020 by Avery LoJacono

The girls’ swim and dive team made a splash at the 3A State Championships. The lady spartans had a memorable season and were able to conclude their winter sport at the state championship. The team i... More

Diving Into TJ’s New Dive CoachPosted 01/21/2020 by Avery LoJacono

New dive coach helps bring success to the Girls’ Dive team this season. After a phenomenal season last year with two state qualifiers and new teammates, the swim and dive team received a new coach w... More

TJ Takes on the Denver Rescue MissionPosted 12/11/2019 by Avery LoJacono

Thomas Jefferson’s Leadership class spent the day helping with the Denver Rescue Mission’s Thanksgiving tradition. This past month, the Leadership class at Thomas Jefferson High School was able to... More

Swinging with SoftballPosted 12/10/2019 by Avery LoJacono

Girls’ softball overcame a challenging season and has hope for their future seasons. This fall, the Thomas Jefferson Girls’ Softball team spent their season rebuilding after losing two seniors las... More

Dissolving Mental Health StigmasPosted 10/31/2019 by Avery LoJacono

As the semester progresses, the routine of tests, classwork, homework, and athletics tumbles in alongside it. With all of these tasks in mind, growing teens tend to struggle immensely with completing ... More

Setting Super IntentionsPosted 09/19/2019 by Avery LoJacono

Susana Cordova visited TJ to observe classes and speak with student leaders. Superintendent Susana Cordova visited Thomas Jefferson High School during the second week of school to ask students in the ... More