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Author: Deqa Muse

Burying the BuriedPosted 11/16/2021 by Deqa Muse

Israeli authorities unearth graves in Al-Yusufiyah Cemetery, continuing a long history of building on top of historic cemeteries.  “Bury me here. I will not move from my son’s grave.” These wer... More

Guidance in SciencePosted 10/25/2021 by Deqa Muse

Laura Ruelas’ journey to teaching came full circle as she became what inspired her to learn: a teacher.  For most teenagers, anything remotely related to school is in the back of their minds, and ... More

International Women’s DayPosted 05/07/2021 by Deqa Muse

Although International Women’s Day has passed, it is still relevant and important to recognize some of the amazing female teachers who make up Thomas Jefferson High School’s staff. Michelle Obama,... More

The Dawn of RamadanPosted 04/30/2021 by Deqa Muse

The month of Ramadan symbolizes a time for healing and growth for Muslims everywhere. April 13th, 2021, marked the first day of Ramadan for 1.8 billion Muslims. Ramadan is a crucial and sacred time fo... More

Perseverance Makes an Appearance on MarsPosted 03/21/2021 by Deqa Muse

The Perseverance rover has reached the surface of Mars in search of ancient life. On July 30th, 2020, the Mars rover Perseverance was launched from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida. It took... More

To Junior Year, We Say “Be More Dear!”Posted 03/10/2021 by Deqa Muse

Junior year has its ups and downs, but luckily, many juniors have shared words of encouragement to lift one another up. The class of 2022 closed their eyes one random night in March of 2020, believing... More

Passion for FashionPosted 02/09/2021 by Deqa Muse

The new Fashion Club at TJ symbolizes a flow of creativity and new beginnings. Since the dawn of time, people have adorned themselves with a variety of clothes to keep warm and represent their status,... More

France Takes A StancePosted 12/07/2020 by Deqa Muse

France sparks a series of protests and unfortunate events with the republishing of caricatures of the Prophet Muhammed (Peace Be Upon). In Islam, it’s prohibited to depict the Prophet Muhammed (PBU)... More

Movement Gains MomentumPosted 11/30/2020 by Deqa Muse

Nigeria’s young population revives a movement in order to demand an end to police brutality. On October 20th, a peaceful demonstration against police brutality in the Lekki district of Lagos was int... More

COVID Diary #14Posted 11/18/2020 by Deqa Muse

Deqa. Like most teenagers, I believed this virus was a myth—a tale as old as time that’s been passed through generations, taking on a new form as every storyteller was affected differently, a myth... More