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Author: Eleanor Benson

She’s Dressed for MobilityPosted 11/18/2021 by Eleanor Benson

The male gaze has been an increasingly popular topic in internet discourse, but what really is the male gaze? The feminist film theory, known as the male gaze, has taken the internet by storm. Infogra... More

Inadequate IntersectionalityPosted 10/18/2021 by Eleanor Benson

It is necessary to focus on intersectionality, sexuality awareness, and open discussions in LGBTQ+ safe spaces. When it comes to marginalized groups, it has become increasingly important to focus on i... More

A Corrupt SystemPosted 10/18/2021 by Eleanor Benson

The Olympic gymnasts testify how the Federal Bureau of Investigation mishandled the infamous Larry Nassar case. On September 15, 2021, Simone Biles, McKayla Maroney, Maggie Nichols, and Aly Raisman to... More

The Golden StatuettePosted 04/01/2021 by Eleanor Benson

Opinion and statistics combine to try to explain the possible winners of the Oscars Best Picture award.  The Oscars are a monumental award show for the film industry. This year, they have been pushed... More

The Light at the End of the TunnelPosted 03/08/2021 by Eleanor Benson

An in-depth analysis of the Trump Administration’s effect on LGBTQ+ protections and rights vs. the new Biden Administration’s promises to the community.  Throughout the past four years, t... More

Period Product ProgressPosted 02/08/2021 by Eleanor Benson

A bill in Scotland was able to help women facing period poverty.  Globally, a minimum of 500 million women experience period poverty monthly. In Scotland, it is an issue 20% of women face. Period pov... More

Nine is a Magic NumberPosted 12/07/2020 by Eleanor Benson

A group of students work together to investigate the cause and effect of sexual violence within the Boulder Valley School District. Statistics show that less than 20 percent of sexual assault and rape... More

COVID Diary #19Posted 12/02/2020 by Eleanor Benson

Elle. She would go to sleep when the sun rose and wake up when it fell. Her days just began to blend together; she had been stuck in this cycle for three months. The only structure of her life was her... More

Six to ThreePosted 11/30/2020 by Eleanor Benson

A deep dive into the views and potential impact of the new Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett. In the past month, Amy Coney Barrett has become a household name. After the passing of Justice Ruth ... More

Love Will WinPosted 11/12/2020 by Eleanor Benson

The potential overturn of the marriage equality decision may have a detrimental impact on LGBTQIA+ youth.  The fundamental human rights of a whole community of people are being threatened, mainly bec... More