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Author: Jack Ciulla

Australia’s CrisisPosted 02/03/2020 by Jack Ciulla

The Australian wildfires have become a major threat to the environment, civilians, and wildlife. Australia has gone through one of the worst catastrophes of 2019, and easily the worst of 2020 so far. ... More

Setting the Future of VolleyballPosted 12/12/2019 by Jack Ciulla

Girls rocked this season on the court with killer scores and plays. From freshmen that are just starting to seniors playing one final time, this season of girls’ volleyball was a great one. With gre... More

Connecting to RealityPosted 12/10/2019 by Jack Ciulla

I ditched social media and saw the world through new eyes. The majority of students in high school are addicted to their phones, but, even more, so social media. Kids are constantly looking down to ch... More

Alcala’s New ChapterPosted 11/20/2019 by Jack Ciulla

Thomas Jefferson High School gained a new softball coach and gym teacher this year. This new school year introduced a new gym teacher and coach at TJ: Coach Alex Alcala. He currently teaches Weight Li... More

Keeping CoolPosted 09/10/2019 by Jack Ciulla

Thomas Jefferson students enjoy cooler classrooms in this major heat. The third week of August is drilled into every student’s brain as the beginning of school. Kids already dread the start of s... More