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Author: Jessica Nesbit

COVID Diary #27Posted 12/11/2020 by Jessica Nesbit

Jessica.  “It’s crazy how this is actually affecting us,” I remember my friend saying. It was March 14th, her birthday. We laughed it off and walked to Starbucks, excited for our long spring br... More

The War on AddictionPosted 12/10/2020 by Jessica Nesbit

A new measure passed by Oregon sparks a new era of treating substance abuse. Now that the bulk of the election season is behind us, we now know many important measures that were passed throughout the ... More

Debate’s New LookPosted 11/12/2020 by Jessica Nesbit

 TJ’s Speech & Debate team has to adjust to social distancing.  Now that November is here, the 2020-2021 Varsity Speech and Debate season is upon us. The long tradition of arguing while wearin... More

We Need More Strawberry DressesPosted 10/15/2020 by Jessica Nesbit

Independent creators are important in a world of fast fashion. You may have seen it on Instagram; you may have seen it on Twitter; if you are truly lucky, you may have seen it on yourself—the latest... More