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Author: Sara Medina

Tassles to the LeftPosted 05/19/2021 by Sara Medina

The day that all seniors have been looking forward to is almost here. A majority of seniors have spent 12 years of their lives in the school system, whether that was at a public or private school. Stu... More

Mittens GalorePosted 05/03/2021 by Sara Medina

A meme single-handedly became the forefront for charity and awareness.  To say that January 20th, 2021, was a memorable day would be the understatement of the century. With the 46th President Joseph ... More

Jumping Into HyperspacePosted 03/11/2021 by Sara Medina

With the announcement of exciting upcoming Star Wars projects, Disney hints to some reunions and new eras.  I had never screamed louder than R2-D2 did when I heard the announcement that Disney was go... More

Argentina AdvancesPosted 01/05/2021 by Sara Medina

 In December of 2020, many Argentinians were met with a bill that allows women to get abortions up to 14 weeks after conception.  On December 30th, 2020, Argentina made history when it joined the pl... More

Advising Adjustments in Abnormal TimesPosted 12/13/2020 by Sara Medina

TJ has offered more resources and opportunities through the new advisement class.  When schedules were released back in August, a multitude of students were highly confused as to what advisement was.... More

COVID Diary #18Posted 12/02/2020 by Sara Medina

Sara. It was very naive of me to believe life could get better for me after the year I had in 2019. That had been the year of my life. I had visited the city of my dreams—Los Angeles, California. I ... More

Out with the Old and in with the NewPosted 11/16/2020 by Sara Medina

Out With The Old and In With The New TJ’s seniors are faced with the challenge of trying to come up with new and safe senior activities.  Traditionally, the graduating class would participate in a ... More

Release Party For OnePosted 10/28/2020 by Sara Medina

How one local artist created and released an EP, during a global pandemic.  Traditionally, new music would be released on a Friday, followed by a series of promotion events, whether that be an interv... More