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We the PeoplePosted 05/11/2018 by tjtest

Immigrants get the job done. We came to this country with our heads held high, basking in the great opportunities previously out of reach. Immigrants get the job done. With these freedoms in our palm,... More

Helping HandsPosted 05/10/2018 by Molly Little

Volunteer service is something that is critical to the foundation of a great community. TJ requires all of its graduating seniors to have at least 20 hours of community service. I have always loved he... More

Making Home Runs With a New Head CoachPosted 05/08/2018 by Lucy Peterson

A familiar face in TJ baseball steps up to a head coaching position. Graham Baughn, a familiar face to Thomas Jefferson High School’s baseball team, has recently assumed the position of head coach, ... More

Transition to TJPosted 05/04/2018 by Amelia Carpenter

Thomas Jefferson creates a welcoming environment for all students. The transition into high school can be a nerve-wracking experience, but it can be mitigated if a student attends a school he/she feel... More

CooloradoPosted 04/26/2018 by Vasi Reiva

The top spot in the U.S News’ “Best Place to Live” belongs to Denver, Colorado. Many Coloradans are miffed by the recent plunge to second place in the U.S. News’ “Best Place to Live” ranki... More

A Mission AbroadPosted 04/25/2018 by Maggie Foos

A mission trip to a foreign land teaches lifelong lessons. In March of 2017, I was blessed with the opportunity to travel to Kicuna Village, Uganda, on a mission trip. During the three weeks I was the... More

Dear All Who Walk the Hall…Posted 04/24/2018 by Molly Little

Thomas Jefferson reminders in walking the hall. There are general understandings that humans have that are not clearly written anywhere. It is called common sense. In high school, people usually under... More

The Rejects ‘Move Along’ to New MusicPosted 04/05/2018 by Bianca Escobar

The All-American Rejects try something new with their music, alluding to a new album in the near future. American alternative rock band The All-American Rejects are making a comeback, hinting at a rel... More

Where Are They Now?Posted 03/16/2018 by Kathryn Schroeck

TJ Spartans move on to new chapters and continue to impress. Thomas Jefferson High School works to prepare students for their futures every year. As the success rate of former Spartans increases, the ... More

In the Heat of the MomentPosted 03/07/2018 by Logan Cecil

When it comes to climate change, many believers and skeptics are losing sight of the reason for the debate: the pain that changing weather is inflicting on people around the world. Whether or not you ... More