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Author: Nakya Castille

Honor Platoon Meets the Virtual WorldPosted 05/12/2021 by Nakya Castille

Thomas Jefferson High School Honor Platoon step team takes a ride down the virtual lane of competition. Thomas Jefferson’s JROTC as a whole has changed from its normal format this year. The Honor Pl... More

The World’s New HopePosted 04/19/2021 by Nakya Castille

Generation Z is more than a label applied to a certain age group. Generation Z, commonly referred to as zoomers, is the next generation that succeeds Millennials and currently precedes Generation Alph... More

A Book is Worth a Thousand MemoriesPosted 04/16/2021 by Nakya Castille

It is time to get your yearbooks, TJ! With the 2020-2021 school year nearing its end, capturing perfect moments for the yearbook has become very urgent for the Thomas Jefferson yearbook staff. With th... More

COVID Diary #23Posted 12/08/2020 by Nakya Castille

Nakya. It started on March 13th, 2020, when a normal day was gonna be the last. Life as we knew was gonna be changed.  Whether that was for the worst or the best, only time would tell. For me…i... More

TJ’s Clubs Have Logged In…Posted 11/04/2020 by Nakya Castille

Thomas Jefferson High schools clubs meet the virtual world during COVID-19. Everything transferred over to the virtual universe when COVID-19 struck the world. From town halls to meetings to school an... More

A Life Saving OthersPosted 05/13/2020 by Nakya Castille

A security guard has to put his life on the line in order to provide for his family and try to save others. COVID-19 seems to be the only topic being talked about in the last few months, whether that ... More

Roaring into the TwentiesPosted 04/14/2020 by Nakya Castille

 Students from the DPS JROTC high school programs attended the 80th celebration of the military ball, a formal event that honors and celebrates fallen soldiers. In honor of fallen soldiers and those ... More

First Stop Texas, Next VirginiaPosted 02/14/2020 by Nakya Castille

Honor Platoon (HP) and Color Guard traveled to San Antonio, Texas to compete in their drill competition. Thomas Jefferson’s Junior Reserve Officer Training Corp (JROTC) drill teams competed in the T... More

Senior Army Instructor Award of the YearPosted 12/12/2019 by Nakya Castille

On November 8th, one of TJ’s very own Spartans received a prestigious award. Thomas Jefferson’s own Major Dennis Campbell received the Senior Army Instructor (SAI) Award of the year, a worldwide h... More

Would you like a Trick? Or a Treat?Posted 11/02/2019 by Nakya Castille

The 7th annual Trick-or-Treat Street was another huge success. Kids all over the Denver area grabbed their buckets and costumes and rolled on by Thomas Jefferson High School’s seventh annual Trick-o... More