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Author: Jael Iyema

Crypto: Is It Worth It?Posted 05/11/2021 by Jael Iyema

Digital currency is on the rise, here is a guide to understanding the origins of the most popular cryptocurrencies.  Cryptocurrency is decentralized digital or virtual money that is secured by crypto... More

She Brought Justice, Now She gets PeacePosted 05/07/2021 by Jael Iyema

American politician Stacey Abrams becomes a nominee for the Nobel Peace Prize Stacey Abrams. Say her name as many times as humanly possible until you never forget it. Abrams is a voting rights activis... More

The Real Rigged ElectionPosted 05/05/2021 by Jael Iyema

This year’s Golden Globe nominations snub diverse and meritorious actors and actresses of their nominations. Stop the vote, it’s time for a recount! If you’re an avid television show and movie ... More

Do You See What I’m Seeing?Posted 05/05/2021 by Jael Iyema

Cartoon characters of color are often depicted in stereotypical and racist ways.  Racist depictions of Black people through cartoons have been alive and trending since the Jim Crow era. Large red lip... More

Jammin’ With JordanPosted 12/12/2020 by Jael Iyema

United Kingdom’s rising R&B and soul artist talks about how the pandemic has impacted his music. Born in Kinshasa, the capital city of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, 26-year-old British a... More

COVID Diary #9Posted 11/12/2020 by Jael Iyema

To whom it may concern,   Let me tell you about the lockdown.   When it came We seemed to appreciate Mother Earth’s creations a little more than we did before  Waters were a bit clearer P... More

SAT? Not for me.Posted 11/10/2020 by Jael Iyema

The outdated and racially exclusive standardized test that is required for admission by most colleges continues to fail its test takers of color. In 1917, a group of psychologists created the “Army ... More

Let Us BreathePosted 11/04/2020 by Jael Iyema

Activists in Denver, New York City, and Portland demonstrate remarkable advocacy in their cities. The 2020 Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement is one of the largest social movements in U.S. history. Fou... More

One Minute MorePosted 05/21/2020 by Jael Iyema

As our time at home increases, our time on our phones increases as well. Since March 13, I have spent about 60 days at home watching the housewives, eating bagels, taking long walks, and watching more... More

Making Her Way to DenverPosted 03/04/2020 by Jael Iyema

Blair Imani comes to Denver for her Making Our Way Home book tour. Known for her advocacy for LGBTQ+ rights and author of not one but two history books, Blair Imani is an inspiring, outspoken and trai... More